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The Top Ten Reasons NOT to Prepare Your Will and Guardianship Paperwork

1.    You want your children’s future to be decided in a lengthy and costly courtroom battle.

2.    You would like to end up relaxing in bed for several years like Terry Schiavo as your family argues about what you wishes were while medical bills and lawyers’ fees spiral out of control.

3.    You know exactly how the Texas community property system works.

4.    You want the State of Texas to decide where you property goes when you die.

5.     You like paying lawyers to go to the courthouse every time your survivors want to deal with your assets.

6.    You don’t really care what happens to your body after your death.

7.    You are certain that your minor children will be ready to manage the full value of their inheritance within a few months of your death.

8.    In the event of an emergency, you don’t care if police, fire department, or paramedics know your blood type, your allergies, and whom to contact first.

9.    You are confident that the $69.00 will from LegalZoom perfectly provides for all of your bequests exactly as you wanted and in accordance with the Texas Probate Code thereby avoiding the excitement and family entertainment value of your will being contested.

10.    You are not concerned about your loved ones’ financial well-being after you’re gone.

I’ll be developing each of these topics in later entries.  For right now, it is enough that you are thinking about the consequences of not having this paperwork completed.

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